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2. Add Accessories

How to get your house ready to sell!
These tips really do work when getting your home ready!

Helpful steps from Dave Ramsey to purchase a home.
Step 1: You’re debt free and you have an emergency fund.
This step is to help you see if you can handle any unexpected expenses that come with buying a new home without breaking your bank.
Step 2: You Have a Good Down Payment
The best way to purchase a home is by paying cash with a 100% down payment. But if that option is not available to you, stay conservative. Try to keep your payments at no more than 20% of your take home pay on a 15-year conventional mortgage.
Step 3: You Can Pay Your Own Closing Costs
Some sellers will cover closing costs, but it is not a guarantee. You can always put money aside but you will not be certain on what the cost will be until you receive a loan estimate.
Step 4: You Can Cash Flow Moving Expenses
Be sure to get good estimates for what moving costs will be. Don’t let the new home excitement cause you to overspend when it is not a need. Enlist the help of friends and family to make moving fun and less costly.

4. Spray Paint the Faucet

Looking to upgrade your home? They say first impressions are everything, and this holds true when it comes to looking at a home. Whether you are upgrading your home to sell or just want to beautify the front for yourself, curb appeal is very important.

​5 inexpensive bathroom remodeling shortcuts!
1. Add Some Simple Floating Shelves

5. Give The Vanity A Colorful Paint Job

3. Frame The Mirror

​Quick and Easy Curb Appeal Projects On a Budget